Since our creation in 1991 ...
The fundamental value of INTERCOVAMEX has been to offer to our clients the best technical solutions with internationally recognized brands and products as well as the highest possible quality of technical support.

At present we operate with two business divisions:

Scientific Instruments Division:

  • Scientific equipment related with Optical Spectroscopy, Fluorescence, Raman, Elipsometry, AFM and STM, Thermal Analysis, Calorimetry, Micro/Nano/UltraNano Samples, XPS, Lasers among others.
  • Thin film deposition systems: PVD, Thermal Evaporation, Sputtering, MBE, PLD, CVD, CSS.
  • Technical support and service.

Industrial Vacuum Systems Division:

  • Equipment and materials related to processes that require high vacuum: Pumps, Leak Detectors, Cryogenic Pumps and Traps, Controllers, Gas Analyzers, and related consumables.
  • Solutions for industrial processes: Stations for leak detection, Systems for helium recuperation, Pumping systems, among others.
  • Technical support and service and renting of detectors.

We have a dedicated team of professionals specialized in processes related to High Vacuum, Leak Detection and Scientific Instruments for research and development of Advanced Materials. They will always look for the solution best adapted to the needs of your institution, industry, or area of investigation based on our company values:

  • Innovation: Through development and technological collaboration, to offer always cutting edge products.
  • Participación: To create a creative work team that collaborate ideas and improvements together to drive growth.
  • Empathy: To always be attentive to and listen to the needs of our clients, collaborators and the community in which we participate.
  • To shareand promote our technical and scientific achievements.
  • Sustainable development: To generate solución and strategies that permit:

To our business partners and customers to improve their operations.

For our company to be socially and environmentally responsable; to participate with the growth of our region.

To our employees continuous personal and professional development.