Instrumentos Cientificos Caracterización de Recubrimientos

Caracterización de Recubrimientos

Coatings and Materials Characterization: Scratch Testers, Tribometers, CALOTEST, RC Adhesion Test and Roughness Testers.

TRIBOtechnic was founded in 1989 by Marc Bellantonio as a solution to the market demand for new and innovative solution to tribology. Marc Bellantonio and his team of engineers have over 35 years of experience in the field of tribology, micro-mechanics, and the manufacturing of tribometers, scratch testers and calotesters. Since 2004, they have used their experience to create innovative and user friendly products. The implementation of new technologies, such as microprocessor and USB connections allowed TRIBOtechnic to introduce unique features and exceed our customer’s expectations. Today, TRIBOtechnic is in 25 countries and it’s products range from milli and macro scratch testers, milli and macro tribometers, calotesters and Rockwell adhesion test. We sell our instruments to wide range of users from research institute like FRAUNHOFER INSTITUTE IST to industries like PRAXAIR®.